The Last Jedi First Order Armor

If you are a true Star Wars fan, you are bound to feel awed by the intriguing formation of the First Order army. These were the elite forces referred to as the First Order Stormtroopers. They were vigorously trained to meet General Brendol Hux’s vision of the perfect soldier and displayed admirable combat prowess in the battlefield.

These Stormtroopers were formed by taking the human conscripts from their families at the time of birth. The Force Awakens Stormtrooper armor kit consists of the white body First Order armor and has a reminiscent design of the imperial style. Advanced weapons were provided to these soldiers so that they have a definite edge over their enemies and can protect the realm to the best of their abilities.

First Order Stormtrooper Kit

Offering genuine and authentic First Order Stormtrooper helmet kit, the ArmoryShop Props comes with removable gloves and detachable belts. We provide solid parts which do not require glue to be joined together. We print the armor in accordance with the measurements provided by the clients to give them a perfect fit.

The best thing about our First Order armor is that it is light in weight and very comfortable for the wearer. We follow the instructions given by the client religiously and pay special attention to detail to each and every aspect of the armor. Our DIY kit is easy to handle and the parts can be assembled following the special instructions which come with the armor.


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