Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard Disguise

While the rest of the Star Wars characters carry a special armor, the distinct thing about the Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard disguise is that it was used to shield the identity of the wearer. Taking the armor of Tamtel Skreej, Calrissian used it to rescue Han Solo. This armor is not as equipped as that of other forces in the Star Wars series but Calrissian’s abilities helped him in succeeding in the given mission.

The character has appeared multiple times in the series and holds special importance. Turning to a friend from a villain, the gradual evolution of this character made it a favorite. Moreover, people could connect with it because it showed humanly characteristics of making mistakes and then undoing them.

Details and Features

The popular character also led to the high demand of the tantel armor. This might be the only armor which is not compelling because of interesting features but due to the person who wears it in the series.

Taking into consideration all the given references, we form a 3D model and then transform it into a masterpiece. We only provide solid parts to our clients that do not require glue to be joined together. The pieces will be placed in perfection as you adorn the armor. We offer a choice to our clients between the RAW and the finished look of the armor.

We do not keep armors in our stock because each and every piece is manufactured according to the measurements provided by the clients. The pictures used are our products which have already been dispatched to satisfied clients.


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