Authentic Star Wars Costumes Hub

If you are a true Star Warrior, there is no doubt that you'll always be looking for magnificent Star Wars merchandise. Not everyone can offer you quality and exact replication of the costumes. Thus, we present you our top-notch products made from high-quality materials.

We offer a wide range of professionally printed and painted costume sets of  the favorite Star Wars characters.

Here are a few of our products:

Death Troopers

Being the elite variant of StormTroopers, Death Troopers wear black body armor which is more advanced according to the storyline. ArmoryShop has an exact replica of these Star Wars costumes for sale which might not have the same motion-sensors and heavy weapons but carries the same look.

Patrol Troopers

While this costume looks almost the same as that of StormTroopers, there are a few differences which are never missed by the crazy Star Wars fans like us. We have introduced realistic Star Wars costumes for Patrol Troopers, which is a partial armor to encourage greater mobility and allows convenient navigation.


The primary guardians of the Galactic Empire, StormTroopers are fictional soldiers who have widely become the face of the Star Wars series. They are distinguished because of their white armor, which is now available for you to purchase from the ArmoryShop.

Our helmets are manufactured with a four-layer construction and have cellular padding inside to prevent injury. The external layer imitates plastoid composite armor whereas an insulator is present on the inside.

FO TIE Pilot

Serving the First Order, TIE fighter pilots are skilled enough to protect their own space and hunt down the enemies if needed. Their uniform is a jumpsuit with chest-plate and a life support system. It also has a belt to hold the blaster pistol, boots, and a helmet which comes with attached goggles.

You can buy the exact replica of this uniform from ArmoryShop. We have the old as well as the updated version of this and numerous other authentic Star Wars costumes. So, whether you like the original trilogy or have just entered the Star Wars fandom, you will find the right product according to your taste.

BF Inferno Squad

Inferno Squad is a unit of special forces which is meant to fight the extremist group known as Dreamers. Their splendid black uniform is now available at ArmoryShop. We manufacture it from superior materials and ensure that it carries no difference with the original suits worn in the movies.

Episode 9 Sith Trooper

Sith troopers were a stormtrooper variant that served the First Order during its war against the Resistance. Named after the Sith, an ancient order of Force-users devoted to the dark side of the Force, these troopers were the next evolution of Imperial/First Order stormtroopers. They wore red-colored stormtrooper armor and wielded a type of black and red blaster rifle. The 105th Battalion was a unit composed of Sith troopers as well as Sith jet troopers. ArmoryShop can reproduce Star Wars professional costume for you and it will be manufactured in accordance with your size chart.


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