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About this Agreement

ArmoryShop is a short-name of a "Propmaking Company - ArmoryShop Props". Full business info is located at the bottom of this page.
ArmoryShop is the owner of website
By making a purchase on website, you are agree and accept all terms and conditions presented in this agreement.

This User Agreement applies to all ArmoryShop Prop’s props and 3D models that have been purchased in the past or will be in the future.
Kindly, contact if you have questions and concerns regarding User Agreement.

This is a legally binding agreement between the licensee (you) and ArmoryShop Props regarding your rights to use our props under this license. 
“You” refers to the purchasing person or the user who must be at least 18 years of age, unless the purchase is approved by the parents or a guardian. 
Being a private company, ArmoryShop Props keeps the rights to cancel any or all orders without giving any explanation. 
We are also entitled to refuse to accept any customized order without giving a reason. 

ArmoryProp Shops reserves a right to modify this agreement at any time without further notice.

Commercial Use of the Items

You are not allowed to recast, take molds, digitally scan, replicate, distribute or share our props/3D models/products even if the geometry/mesh of the props are modified or the topology is recreated, because it will still be considered as the derivation of the intellectual property of ArmoryShop Props.

You are not allowed to sell the props in a third-party marketplace at any given price. Since the artwork is our intellectual property, the design rights will always belong to the ArmoryShop Props and you are not allowed to register them at any legal organization, entity, or group as your own.

You are not entitled to receive any brand/consumer product license on our designs unless you are approved by us. ArmoryShop Props reserves all rights to use any photos and images of printed/finished props, if they have been created/printed using ArmoryShop Prop’s 3D models or are based on our props.

However, you are allowed to carry out non-commercial activities consisting of your own rendered images, animation and any other filmmaking technique using our props/files.

For complete commercial rights, you would need to get the approval of the original brand owner/character designer/company as we only own the intellectual property rights of our fan artwork, which include 3D files and data.


Our products are not officially licensed and should only be considered as "handmade fan art".
All Armor kits are 3D-printed and then processed to have finished look.
All Helmets are solid polymer-resin rotocasted and then processed to have finished look. 

All the productss are being pototyped (3D-modeled and 3D-printed) and produced (molded, sewed, crafted, casted, painted, detailed and assembled) by ArmoryShop Props. 

All the products are handmade products.
For the manufacturing of the products, the estimated dates of production shall only be considered as guidance/refference and can not be guaranteed due to unforeseen reasons.

Trademark Owners

All the registered trademarks belong to the owners.

Privacy Policy

ArmoryShop Props consider your privacy very seriously. We totally comply Russian Privacy laws. We do not share all\any of your information with any 3rd party.

Shipping and Handling

*** Work under COVID-19 Pandemic ***
In March 2020 World Health Organization called virus COVID-19 as Woldwide Pandemic.
Starting March 2020 most of regular Postal routes were broken, no flights were allowed.
In these circumstances, we experiencing delays in delivery almost all over the world.
We use EMS-Postal service, which is still the most reliable company in timing and costs.
Currently all shipping routes are established avoiding air: used only ground trucks, railways, sea-freight.
Before Pandemic, retular shipping time was appx.5-10 business days. 
Current shipping time - 25-60 business days (EMS).
Pls, keep this in mind while waiting for your order to arrive.

*** PLEASE BE SAFE!!! ***

We create our props with complete dedication and anticipate that our clients will enjoy the finished product to the fullest. This is the reason that we observe a few standard rules at the "shipping and handling" stage:

We use UPS or DHL service and their shipping rate depends on the size of the box (volumetric weight) and destination country. You can find the approximate cost of shipping on the product's page. The exact cost of shipping, especially for multiple items, will be canculated  during checkout.

If you have placed multiple orders with us, we can combine them for you. You can contact us via email and we will do our best to save you from paying extra charges.

To track your order, you can log into your account and click the order number, you wish to trace. 
Check the provided tracking ID in details of your order. This Tracking ID is also provided via your registered email, once your order being shipped.

Visit official website of our shipping carriers  OR 

Enter the provided tracking ID to checkbox and click on "Check".

While we do our best to ensure the best shipping experience for all our clients, we cannot make any guarantees in international shipping. ArmoryShop Props is not responsible if damaged, scratched, or destroyed props reach you. We are also not accountable for any kind of delay or cancellation of the order, due to international laws and standards.

There can be certain delays in international shipping as it is beyond our control. The reasons may include:

  • The Christmas and New Year holiday season (4 weeks before and after)

  • National holidays

  • National or international sports events

  • Climatic conditions

  • Political instability

  • Pandemic

We are not capable of avoiding the delays or speeding up the delivery process in any of the above-mentioned conditions.
It is not possible for ArmoryShop Props to gain information regarding customer's country customs laws. We are not responsible for any fee or tax incurred by the government of the given country. The customer is liable to pay all the additional taxes, which the company is not entitled to refund. However, it is advisable to provide complete tax information before you place an order as you may avoid overpayment through this.

Payment Policy

General Products and Custom Orders

ArmoryShop is a short-name of a "Propmaking Company - ArmoryShop Props LLC".
We accept Apple Pay / Google Pay and PayPal payments. All prices are in US Dollars (USD, $).

According to Russian Financial Law, ArmoryShop is allowed to accept payments in Russian Rubles (RUR) ONLY! 
All USD prices will be converted into Russian Rubles during Checkout by PayPal.
Conversion rate automatically set by PayPal, according to PayPal's inner conversion rate based on Russian Central Bank Conversion Rate.

The final cost of your product, including the shipping costs, can be found during the checkout prior to making the payment.

All orders are to be paid in full before the production begins.

"Payment Plans" are available and do not affect regular prices. However, payment plan cannot be applied to certain items.
"Payment Plan" orders are require "Non-Refundable Deposit".
"Non-Refundable Deposit" is a processing fee and will not be refunded in case you'll decide to cancel your order prior it will be finished.
"Non-Refundable Deposit" equals 10% (Ten Percents) of your order's total amount with shipping costs included.

"Payment Plan" orders can be canceled at any moment, until there's only 3 payments left. After there's only 3 payments are left - order can't be canceled and refund can't be issued. "Payment Plan" orders which consist of only 3 payments - can not be canceled and refund for such orders can not be issued.
Within this time, 10% cancelation fee ("Non-Refundable Deposit") will be applied to the refunded amount. 

"Payment Plan" orders can begin their producion when there's only 3 final payments are left to be paid (only if production queue allows this), however such orders can't be shipped prior final payment received by ArmoryShop Props. This limitation caused by Russian Financial Law and can't be avoided. 
All remainings "Payment Plan" payments can be paid one-by-one earlier than they are queued. In this case, production of such orders begins once production queue allows and such orders are being shipped once ready. 

"Regularly Paid" orders can be canceled within 3 calendar days after the final transaction has been made. 
Within this time, cancelation fees ("Non-Refundable Deposit") will be applied to the refunded amount. 
"Regularly Paid" order can not be canceled after 3 days from the Payment date, a full or partial refund can not be availed then.

Any order will be automatically cancelled, if we will not receive initial/full payment within 7 days from the order's date.
We will provide Sizing Chart for Armor once first/full payment for this order will be made.
Discounts and coupons are shown at SALES page and can be availed during checkout prior making the payment.
Discounts, sales, and coupons can not be combined to avail a massive reduction in the final price.

We prefer Apple Pay / Google Pay and PayPal payments but also accept Bank Transfer and direct Card-to-Card transfer or Bitcoin.
Checks, loans, cash and money-transfer systems are not accepted.

Return and Exchanges

There are no returns\refunds on any items of appropriate quality once they leave our workshop.

We do not accept returns on custom orders. 
All orders are verified before the production starts. 
Once you've approved the design on the blueprint and given the go-ahead to production, there is no way to stop the production or avail a refund.

There are no returns on armor kits and soft parts since they are all custom-fitted and custom made products.
We only accept returns on wrong sizes. But in this case, the buyer has to take the responsibility that the part incurs no damage as they reach us back.
There are no guarantees for a 100% fit because the customer himself is taking the measurements. The process is not carried out professionally by us.
Our experience allows us to maintain 99% accuracy in the fitting of the armor. However, there are times when mismatсhes in sizing occur. In such a case, we replace the ill-fitted parts with new ones, free of charge.

In case of any kind of replacement (due to damage or anything), we ship new parts via EMS courier service or Regular mail. If client willing to upgrade to UPS/DHL service, - additional fee shall be paid by client. For shipping upgrade client shall contact us at least 3 days prior replacements will be sent.

In case customer is not satisfied with quality or have any quality complaints - please contact us first.
Please understand, that despite of the fact that we are doing our best to continiously increase our quality - since this is still handcrafting, some minor issues may occure.

Each quality case is to be considered individually, based on photos and description provided.
In case buyer insist on return item due to quality issues and we agree on return, to arrange return - all following conditions must be met:
1) Restock fees of 15% of each returned item's price will be applied and will be withdrawn from the refund amount.
2) No shipping cost will be refunded: neither original shipping nor returning shipping costs.
3) Item can be returned only via UPS\DHL company and has to be marked as "Returned goods". If customer declares returning item not as "returning goods" - all applied customs fees will be withdrawn from the refund amount. If customer uses different shipping carrier and custom fees applied - all applied customs fees will be withdrawn from the refund amount.
4) Final amount of refund will be only issued after returned item will be received at the workshop, inspected and no damage\new issues\marks of wearing or usage will be comfirmed.
5) We have a right to issue a refund sum via any available payment solution, regardless original payment method.
6) Total amount of refunded items will be withdrawn from buyer's website total and won't participate in discounts and sales activities.

In case buyer insist on return item due to quality issues and we agree on return - buyer must follow next steps:
1) Prepare at least 1 photo of each issue with description.
2) Use original packing materials (foam and bubble film) to pack returning item thoroughly to prevent any damage.
3) In case original packing materials can't be used due to weakness - ure at least 5mm thick packing foam, 3-layered bubble wrapping, 5-layered box.
4) Prepare photos of returning items before and after packing in opened box.
5) Send all photos with explanation and return request in one message to with title "Return of order #****".
6) We will take up to 3 business days to reply your message with further instructions and return address.
7) Once all conditions are settled and confirmed - send returning item via UPS\DHL shipping carrier, declaring box as "Returning goods".
8) Once returning box arrives at our workshop - we take up to 3 business days to inspect it for damage\new issues\marks of wearing or usage.
9) Once no new issues found - we will send confirmed refund amount within 1 business day.

ARMORYSHOP PROPS is a Brand Name of IP Vorobev Denis Igorevich (503212129220)


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