About Us

Welcome to ArmoryShop!
We heartily welcome all the adepts of the Star Wars fandom. Our workshop creates props for the dedicated followers of the series.
Based in Moscow, we are a prop-shop which is focused on 3D-printed, cast, and hand-sculpted props and costumes of the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars is our passion! We are addicted to the characters, props, and storyline. They inspire our creativity to manufacture new items and to re-create the existing stuff.
Initially, we started this project as a hobby. However, we developed a serious interest in the creation of these costumes and props as this venture up-scaled. From creating the blueprints to finally holding the finished products in our hands, we love how our work progresses with each stage.
Our products have already gained recognition and we are expanding our services to the local film industry by providing them with relevant props. We pay special attention-to-detail, even if it is a simple clasp, in order to meet the high expectations, set by our clients.
We strongly believe in quality; hence our highly-detailed props speak for themselves. Our dedication towards producing nothing less than the best motivates us to improve ourselves with each new product. We are proud of our professionally painted and detailed props and armor.
Our props are parts of many famous collections and we are proud of this. Our team works jointly with a common goal of achieving excellence and providing the best to our clients!
We cover the full cycle of prop-making: sketching, 3D-modeling, 3D-printing, mold-making, casting, finishing, painting, sewing, leatherwork, LED-lighting, and mechanics. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and have years of experience in their respective fields. The artists we work with are capable enough to materialize any idea into a finished product.
We have a special passion for prop-making and we utilize the latest techniques and technology for it. Our love for our craft is evident in our efforts.
Visit our workshop in Moscow to get the live experience of the Star Wars props world!