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    Since 1977, the Star Wars phenomenon has been ruling the hearts of millions of people. Whether you are a fan of the original trilogy or relatively new to this universe, we have the right apparel to suit your taste. A perfect replica of the originals you’ve seen in the movies so far, each of our product is hand-sculpted and made from the finest materials.
    We product original Star Wars merch which is a dream come true for all the die-hard movie fans out there. While this project was started as a hobby, it has now become our full-time passion and a dream project. We welcome you to visit our Star Wars store in Moscow and experience the Star Wars universe for real.

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  • 3D Printed Replicas

    3D printing is a very fascinating technology allowing the manufacturers to design and print any merchandise. It allows you to create additive layers from a digital file and turn it into a perfect object. It is a disruptive technology, pacing steadily and faster than anyone could have ever imagined. At ArmoryShop, we let the fans be a part of this fantastic experience and use our technology to make customized products for them.

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