Inferno Squad Armor and Helmet

An Inferno Squad is a special unit of trained commandos who are commissioned to infiltrate and destroy the extremist group known as the Dreamers. They exist to protect the Empire from infiltration, extraction, or any form of combat. Responsible for eliminating threats, they are bound to bury the secrets and sacrifice their lives to ensure the protection of the state.

This elite force has been a favorite of the fans because of their superior abilities and unique attire. The black and red Inferno Squad armor is equipped with the most advanced sensory equipment and the latest ammunition. There has been not even a single mission which they didn’t succeed, however, some of their combats have led to the death of the members.

Details and Features

The Star Wars Inferno Squad helmet and armor has been developed using the references provided by the original movie. You will not be able to find even a single difference in the original costume and the one provided by ArmoryShop Props. As you place an order with us, we create the duplicate Inferno Squad look for you by keeping in mind the specific measurements given in the chart.

Made of poly-resin and very durable, our Star Wars Battlefront helmets are light in weight and easily fit our customers. They usually fit up to the U.S. size 8 but can be adjusted if you advise so at the time of placing the order. Our helmets require little to no finishing and can easily be painted according to the will of our clients. We recommend not to perform any action stunts because these helmets do not come with special protection.


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