Star Wars Helmets

The Star Wars franchise has introduced the most popular costume ideas for the past three decades. From the virtuous Luke Skywalker to the evil Darth Vader, you can easily adorn the look of your favorite character in the next costume party. The most popular costumes are those of Stormtroopers and other such forces who wear the iconic Star Wars helmet.

In the movies, these helmets are equipped with interesting features like an integrated comlink, artificial air-supply hoses, and audio pickup. Each helmet consisted of a visual processor which allowed the wearer to see in smoke, glare, and darkness. Star Wars replica helmet might not contain these advanced characteristics but carries the same look.

Details and Features

ArmoryShop Props provides exceptional Star Wars helmets for sale that is made from various materials including rubber, metal, and acrylic. The product comes as a DIY kit in which you have to assemble the different parts to get the final product. The kit consists of the following items which need to be joined together:

Each of our full scale wearable Star Wars helmets is manufactured by our dedicated team who pays attention to all the details. Even the targeting dots above the eyes or the inset under the brow line doesn’t miss our eyes.

We work on the shape right from scratch and follow the blueprint from the screen. Our paint gives the glossy final look along with airbrushed details to the Star Wars helmets replicas for sale.


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