Stormtrooper Armor

The Stormtroopers were a symbol of absolute and distinguished authority because of their white armor. In the movies, the Stormtrooper armor is worn over a black bodysuit and created from the unique plastoid material. Being an evolutionary form of the clone troopers, the inspiration of this armor was taken from their Phase II precursor.

To let the soldiers survive in distinct environmental conditions, the Star Wars Stormtrooper armor possesses a temperature control function. It is adorned with defense and fighting equipment. It also helped in protecting them from the severe impact of weapons and foreign projectiles.

Details and Features

Our costume armor consists of 18 white pieces of the PLA plastic which are joined together over a bodysuit. When you assemble the parts to form the full Stormtrooper armor, it has the capacity to enclose the entire body. We offer three different versions of the custom Stormtrooper armor including RAW (no finish), Pre-Painted (Primed), and Finished-Painted.

The kit comes with the armor parts which have gone through complete finishing along with the helmet. We ask for complete measurements prior to manufacturing the final product which is a tailored fit Stormtrooper costume armor. Since it has been designed and printed following your measurements, it will fit you perfectly.

ArmoryShop Props has the highest quality of Stormtrooper armor for sale, which is identical to the original armor worn in the franchise. Our prices are reasonable yet there is no compromise on the quality. Easy to wear and highly durable, our costumes are exactly what the true fans desire for. Order a piece now and see for yourself the undeniable attention to detail and high-quality materials used by us.


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