Patrol Trooper Armor

Being a specialized version of the Stormtroopers, the Patrol Troopers acted as a rapid response and policing force within the environment. They can be referred to as the urban version of the scout troopers and their patrol trooper armor has increased mobility. They wear enlarged patrol trooper helmets which can easily accommodate the advanced communication gear and imaging sensors.

Because of the special features in their armor, they have the ability to navigate through the crowded streets. They can handle real-time data regarding suspects and serve as a very integral part of the Galactic Empire. The patrol trooper armor provided by the ArmoryShop Props consists of a perfectly-tailored suit and a helmet.

Details and Features

Just like our other products, the patrol trooper armor is also made of the high-quality PLA plastic. Being avid Star Wars fans, we are passionate even about the patrol trooper helmets which we manufacture. We understand the feelings of the Star Wars lovers, so we make sure that we provide them with the best of the products.

Each of the armor parts is accurately scanned from the screens. To observe no difference between our costume and the original patrol trooper armor, our team pays special attention to all the details. Our finished products are designed and manufactured with perfection, giving our clients no chance of finding a flaw in them.

Other things which are included in the armor kit are a textile box with cover, EC-17 with holster, and a rubber ribbed belt. We take pride in informing that all our products have been approved by 501st Legion. This depicts our accuracy in manufacturing every piece of armor.


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