TIE Fighter Pilot Costume

In the Galactic Empire, the TIE Fighter Pilots were considered to be a trivial asset. Thus, millions were produced to form a large force but the Empire kept on producing better forces because of its technological advancements. Its disregard for its soldiers was undeniable despite their frantic loyalty to sacrifice their own lives and of those around them for the greater good of the state.

This elite force was recruited after vigorous training and years of experience in the battlefield and given an advanced TIE Fighter Pilot suit. In order to achieve a place in this force, the soldiers had to go through exhausting physical and psychological conditioning. Only 10% of the TIE Pilots successfully steered through these procedures whereas the rest were assigned trivial roles in other departments of the navy.

Details and Features

They were distinguished by their all-black Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilots costume which was loaded with security features and ammunition. This quite often became the reason behind these soldiers receiving minimum protection during combat. While our costumes cannot guarantee to give you an edge over your enemies in a fight, the precision and the streamlined design is exactly like the one you have seen in the movies.

Forming a blueprint on the screen first, we make sure that the final design of TIE Fighter pilot costume fits the expectations of the clients. After getting the approval from the client regarding the size and design, we start working on their customized TIE Fighter costume. Our package comes with a chest plate, back plate, shoulder bells, forearms, chest boxes, belt boxes, and yokes. You would need to assemble these parts yourself to get that magnificent TIE Pilot costume.